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We are the premier foam party provider for Texas

We throw the ultimate foam party. We bring the foam, you bring the fun. We set up and run the equipment for as long as you want your party to run. We also help with risk management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the party be indoors?

Because the foam is water based we recommend locating your foam party outdoors; however, of your indoor location allows adequate drainage or you have experiences with indoor foam parties, you can have your foam party inside.

Will the foam damage my lawn?

No, the foam is actually a surfactant, which means that it enhances soils ability to absorb water. This usually leads to a greener healthier lawn. However, hundreds of kids dancing on the lawn could result in muddy damage to your lawn

What is the best surface for foam?

Blacktop, concrete & wooden deck are great places for your foam party

Will the foam ruin my floors?

Any surface that is safe for water would be safe for foam.

Does the foam irritate skin or eyes?

The foam is not harmful or irritating for most people.

Does the foam dye clothing?

No, foam is not harmful or irritating for most people.

How tall can the foam be?

While the foam can stack as high as 14 feet, we recommend keeping it under 5 feet so guest can see each other. Ultimately is the client’s choice.

What is the average cost of a foam party?

A “fraternity style” foam party last 4 hrs. and cost around $1,600. Your price may vary based on location, number of guest, and other factors that affect the longevity of the foam.

Foam Machine Packages

Sampler Package (1) $395

  • Up to 12 people
  • 8 X 8 space      

Sampler Package (2) $ 795

  • Up to 50 people
  • 15 X 15 space
  • 2 hrs. long

Big Bubble Package $ 1,595

  • Over 50 people
  • 20 ft. diameter space
  • 4 hrs. long

Super Suds Package $2,395

  • Over 50 people
  • 50+ foot diameter space
  • 4 hrs. long
  • Multiple foam machines
  • Highest foam option available

All packages can be extended at a rate of $200/hour. Custom packages are also available.

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