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Snow In Texas? You Bet!

Make an unforgettable joyful memory by adding a touch of snow, at a special occasion. 

Call the snow experts at our “Snow In Texas” division, and Voila!!! 

Winter Wonderland! Any Time, Anywhere, Any Weather! 

You can turn your home, business or restaurant into a winter experience your guests will never forget… great for parties any time of year!

We have snow for indoor events as well. “Snow In Texas” is a service of Special FX International.

Notes for planners:

Application: Our unique “MovieSnow” can be applied to everything from flowers to buildings. We can shoot it up to 60 feet high to cover tall trees.

We can create falling snow effects, blowing blizzards with snowdrifts and our “snow” retains footprints and tire tracks. It can be used by itself or with other snow effects. It is a very tiny-bubbled foam, with a consistency of shaving cream, which clings extremely well to plants and structures.

Environment: This “snow” has been used on the most environmentally sensitive areas with no adverse effects.

Safety: Our snow effect is safe for people, pets and plants. Kids love to play in it.

Clean-Up: After lasting long enough for a great party, movie or photo shoot, our “snow” disappears on it’s own in a matter of hours. The material actually improves the soil where it is applied, making it easier for soil to absorb water, and thereby helping grass and other plants to grow.

Cost: One batch makes around 1500 gallons of snow, enough to cover 1600 square feet at a cost of about a dollar per square foot. Outdoor snow prices start at $1200. Setting up each machine cost $400, and each load of MovieSnow costs $800.

It looks real
It's inexpensive
It lasts a long time
It's easy to use
It has no odor
It's 100% biodegradable 
It's environmentally friendly
It's harmless to people, plants, & animal when used as directed
It won't harm any surface that's safe in contact with water
It's mostly air and water
It virtually disappears, making cleanup a snap

Need more details and options?

“MovieSnow” is a foam-based material that looks like snow and is used for movies to create the illusion of snow. We can shoot it onto your trees, foliage, lawn and roofs. It will look like a blizzard hit your location and left a beautiful white blanket of fresh fallen snow! It’s truly magical. I recommend taking lots of pictures. Kids can sled on it, and make snow angels. Watching the snow shooting out of the hose is as fun as playing in it, so sometimes it’ s nice to let the kids see a bit of the process. Wetting the area first helps the snow last longer, but rain will wash it away. It does not pack for snowballs or snowmen.

There is no clean-up needed, it evaporates after time, from 3 to 12 hours depending on the weather. 

Setup takes under 30 minutes. Each load of MovieSnow covers 1600 square feet to a depth of two inches, and will need to be replaced as it’s played in or evaporates. That’s about a 40′ by 40′ area. It’s fun and safe for kids, pets, plants and the environment.Setting up each machine cost $400, and each load of MovieSnow costs $800. 

Real Snow

We also provide real snow for around $5 per sq. ft. This is actual snow. 
It requires a larger crew and takes longer to shoot, but the effect is truly incredible and kids will be able to make snowmen and pelt each other with snowballs!       


Best of both worlds? Absolutely!

We can also provide a combination of MovieSnow and real snow. For instance, we can cover your event area with Movie Snow as well as provide enough actual snow to make REAL snowballs and snowmen with (dumped onto the ground for $5 per sq. ft.). We’re ready to suit the needs of your event!

Machine and trucking fees are charged separately. To have real snow, allow room for at least one 18-wheeler and a trailer. The MovieSnow truck and snow-making trailer are about 35 feet long, and can park up to 50 feet away from the snow nozzle.

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