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Wedding Pyro

Pyrotechnic Displays for Your Special Day 

They kissed, and there were fireworks… 

Nothing says “celebration” like FIREWORKS! We provide the most breathtaking pyrotechnic displays you can imagine! Come find out why we are the most trusted fireworks company around. 

Fireworks Packages for Weddings

Note: These packages are specifically for weddings. Municipal shows and other occasions require separate pricing. We can provide any size show desired. 

Our Special Moment $ 3,545  

  •  5 minute show
  •  Permit and fire department fees  billed separately
  •  Total amount paid in full at time of  booking 

A great Show $5,495

  • 8 minute show
  • Permit and Fire Department fees billed separately
  • Deposit and balance

Light the Sky, Baby! $7,995

  • 10 minute blow-out show
  • 2 altitudes simultaneously
  • Permit and Fire Department fees billed separately
  • Deposit and balance

Gerbs are also a great feature for weddings!


Occasionally aerial fireworks are not an option. A great alternative are “gerbs.” The “G” in gerb is soft, as in gerbil.

Gerbs are available in many colors, though the variation is subtle. You can order them in silver, gold, red, green and blue.

You can also select the height and duration of the effect: 6 feet for three seconds, 50 feet for half a second. Any combination you want is available.

Gerbs can be used safely indoors or outdoors. They create minimal smoke, and the tiny glowing particles that are emitted do not contain enough heat to be a fire hazard under most conditions. Gerbs in the hands of professional pyrotechnicians. A gerb is a 1.4g pyrotechnic device. It must be ordered, stored, handled and operated only by a licensed pyrotechnician.

Professional pyrotechnicians are licensed and insured, and will secure the necessary permits and arrangements with the local fire department.

Budget around $3500 for this stunning effect.

Special FX International can arrange this effect with 12 days notice.

If you would like to see how gerbs look at your location, we’ll come do a simple demonstration.


For more information please visit:

Spectacular Wedding Send-Off from Steve Wolf on Vimeo.